In Italy, the parents offer a nativity figurine to every child, every Christmas, until they leave the family home. Then, they offer to their newlywed the nativity set as their wedding gift. It's one of the most popular Christmas tradition in Italy.


Matryoshka dolls are one of the most celebrated icons of Russian tradition and culture. The first Russian Matryoshka only appeared one hundred years ago. The predecessor and prototype of the Russian Matryoshka was actually brought to Russia from Japan. It was initially a figurine of a good-natured, bald headed, old Buddhist man, by the name of Fukuyama. The Japanese actually claim that an unknown Russian monk was the first to make such a doll.


Did you know that the one we call "White Santa" is in fact named Saint-Nicolas. To tell the truth, Santa wears costumes of different colors depending on which country he's visiting but did you know that in Italy and in Russia, for example, a woman is in charge of bringing toys to the children.


Did you know that Polish Christmas balls are among the most expensive ones to produce? They're made of mouth-blown glass of the highest quality and each craftsman in charge of their fabrication takes between eight to ten days to finish one of these piece of art. In fact, these ornaments are the result of six hundred years of practice!


The legend of the Gnomes has a long and happy history. Long, long ago when Man was closer to the natural world and the magic creatures that inhabited it, he was able to speak with the little people who were there to protect men and his environment. In return, all the people around the world would put little Gnome statues in special places around their homes and gardens. Sadly, the time has gone by and men forgot the art of communicating with these special spirits, but your gnome collection will bring back those powers to you. Put your gnome in a special place and give them each a name. They will have the power to protect you.


Recently, inverted trees found their way on the market. This new concept allows you to keep a lighted tree all year long in your home. It can adopt a variety of styles to fit several occasions and seasons.


The art of reverse painting began in China centuries ago. Using a specially designed brush with a curved handle and sometimes only one bristle, the skilled artisan carefully draws the outline of the design on the inside of the mouth-blown glass shape. Next, the foreground details are painted continuing with each additional layer of color in reverse order, the background behind the last application. Skill, patience and careful planning create a work of art to be treasured forever.


The novelty of the millenium is to place a Christmas ball all year long in your bathroom, in honor of the room that evolve the most in the past century. You can change the ball to follow the seasons, choose one that fits the design of your room or simply choose the Christmas Château official ball.



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